25Live Accounting Introduction

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25Live Accounting Introduction
Preparing Your Environment
Exporting Invoices

25Live Accounting (powered by FreshBooks) is a powerful tool that supplements 25Live's flexible pricing functionality with options for invoicing and accounts receivable tracking.

With 25Live Accounting, you can:

  • Generate invoices for events and keep them in sync with changes in 25Live
  • Customize line items and notes on each invoice
  • Create templates to email invoices to customers with automated reminders
  • Set up payment schedules and add late fees
  • Request deposits from customers
  • Add attachments to invoices

Please see our guides for setting up and using 25Live Accounting:

Preparing Your Environment for 25Live AccountingLearn how to configure your environment to prepare for 25Live Accounting with FreshBooks.
Exporting Invoices in 25Live AccountingOnce you have configured your connection with FreshBooks, learn how to use 25Live to calculate event pricing and generate invoices.
FreshBooks Support(External link) Get tips from FreshBooks for using 25Live Accounting

What's FreshBooks?

25Live Accounting is a partnership between CollegeNET and FreshBooks that represents a comprehensive solution for event pricing, invoicing, and accounts receivable (AR) needs.

In the integration of 25Live and FreshBooks, each has its own areas of functionality:

25Live Accounting
In 25Live...In FreshBooks...
Create and manage revenue-generating eventsSchedule and record payments
Set up price sheets and tax schedulesConfigure email reminders
Generate invoices and other custom reportsTrack accounts and client history