2018 - Eval25

Release 2018.03

August 1, 2018

We have just released What•Do•You•Think? Course Evaluation System v2018.03. 

Notes for Release 2018.03

This document contains information regarding the What•Do•You•Think? 2018.03 release. It addresses New Features and Resolved Issues.

New Features

Instructor Summary Report

A new report, Instructor Summary, displays a summary of an instructor’s evaluations across courses within a selected time period (one semester, one year, 6 years, etc.). The report allows instructors to submit a summary of their course evaluation data for annual performance evaluations, for example, or other reasons. The new report can be output to Excel or PDF.

Note: Users with permissions can view this report within the What•Do•You•Think? interface.

session_id in XML Export Files

The XML export file has been modified to include a new course attribute, session_id.

Session Added to Rollup Report

In the Rollup Reports, Session has been added to the Drill Down column, between Term and School. It is not a mandatory selection.

Leaving Session blank while the term is still open provides an aggregate of results for all closed sessions within the open term.

Course Category Binding Update

To keep What•Do•You•Think? running smoothly when many users attempt to access their evaluations at the same time, course category data is now precomputed into a single table. This allows categories bound to a course to be retrieved by a simple table lookup.

Institution Setting for Instructor Questions

A new Institution Setting (“Exclude instructor questions in individual responses report” in the Reporting section) has been added. It allows your school to hide or make viewable instructor questions in the Individual Response Report.

Modification to Starting Survey Announcements

Survey Announcements have been modified to allow no more than one setup for a start announcement. Users can re-send a start announcement that will be sent to only newly added invitees. Users who have already received the start announcement will not receive it a second time.

Resolved Issues

Delete User function in Registration

The Delete User function found in the Registration tool has been updated to operate as expected.

Release 2018.02

May 30, 2018

We have just released What•Do•You•Think? Course Evaluation System v2018.02. 

Notes for Release 2018.02

This document contains information regarding the What•Do•You•Think? 2018.02 release. It addresses New Features and Resolved Issues.

New Features

Rules-based Announcements

A new “Relative” option in the "when" drop-down menu in What•Do•You•Think? Announcements allows users to specify the number of days before or after a system date as the announcement send date.

By selecting the new “Relative” option you can, for example, enter “2 days after Evaluation Start, at 8:00 am” as an announcement’s send date and time.  You can also select some number of days at which to repeat the send and when to stop, such as "every 2 days up to 2 days before Evaluation End."

Extending Closed Terms/Sub-terms  

Closed terms and sub-terms can be extended. Go to Configuration>Terms and Sessions and select a term. Edit the term; under the “End” option, click the “Re-open” button to change the date the term or sub-term is to end. You will receive warning messages regarding reports that will be deleted when you extend a closed term or sub-term.

New Option for Student Reload       

The Student Reload of XML files will no longer overwrite course and instructor data – just student data. The new Full Reload option will overwrite student, course and instructor data.

Aggregated Instructor Courses in Rollup Reports                     

“Instructor” is now a drill down option on Rollup Reports. When used, an aggregate of an instructor’s results for a term will display.

Instructor Analysis (WebOptics™) availability

Instructor WebOptics reports are now available to administrators and other permitted users under Reports>Instructor Analysis. This report remains visible to instructors with no changes to their view. WebOptics displays an instructor's results over time compared to the department's aggregate results. WebOptics shows both an overall summary for each course as well as results for each individual evaluation form question over time.

Export Custom Reports Data to Excel

Users with access to a Custom Report can now export its quantitative data into Excel. The “export to Excel” option is presented on the report.

API Users and Session-level Data

Users who have access to the What•Do•You•Think? Export API can now “GET” all evaluation qualitative and quantitative questions and responses for specific sessions.

The new endpoints can be found in the What•Do•You•Think? Export API documentation located on the Swagger website.

Release 2018.01

January 24, 2018

We have just released What•Do•You•Think? Course Evaluation System v2018.01. 

Notes for Release 2018.01

This document contains information regarding the What•Do•You•Think? 2018.01 release. It addresses New Features and Resolved Issues.

New Features

Learning objectives upload

An Administrator can now upload an instructor’s course learning objectives in the XML upload file’s “objective” field. This information displays in course evaluations and reports. If objectives need to be edited, users can manage this at a course’s Registration page in the Learning Objectives text field by clicking ‘edit’ for the course.

Instructor photos

Instructors can now upload a photo of themselves to What•Do•You•Think?. It will be seen by students when completing evaluations. Uploading is managed through the Upload Photo link on the instructor’s My Courses page.

What•Do•You•Think? timeouts

Before a What•Do•You•Think? timeout, users will now receive a popup message informing them of the pending timeout. The message will also give users an opportunity to click a button to delay timeout.

Student Reload File modification

The Student Reload file process has been modified. Courses not included in the reloaded file will be deleted from the system upon reload. During the file upload, the system will provide a warning message alerting you that these courses are being deleted.

Images in Announcements

Users can now link to images from within Announcements. The Announcements’ editing toolbar was modified to include an image link button for this purpose. Linked images will display in messages sent through Announcements.

User Permissions Report

The User Permissions Report Excel export file now includes an Access Restrictions tab and a User Permissions tab. Both will grant you a view of your institution’s user permission and restrictions.

Course Number restriction

Course Number is now an Access Restrictions option, used when limiting a user’s access within What•Do•You•Think?.

Viewing “My Questions”

Instructors can now view evaluation questions asked of students in their courses through the “My Questions” repository even when the ability for instructors to add questions to the evaluation form is disabled.

This is an Institution Setting (“View questions”). If your school wants to enable this capability, please email support@collegenet.com.

Report Browser and multiple items

Report Browser users can now select multiple items (Terms, Schools, Departments, Instructors, etc.) when filtering items for reports. Be sure to select items in conjunction with the Ctrl key (Windows) or Apple key (Macintosh).

Registration Tool results display number

The Registration Tool now lets users determine the number of search results displayed both for searches and when using the ‘browse’ option. The display options are for 15, 30, 60, and 120 results shown on a page.

Registration Tool search sort

The Registration Tool can now sort search results by ID, Name, Department, Subject, Number, Section (new), and Type via sortable columns.

Comment flagging update

Comment flagging periods, if enabled in your Institution Settings, can now be set as on or off by a What•Do•You•Think? Administrator. Administrators can manage this on the Terms and Sessions page. If comment flagging is enabled in Institution Settings, an Administrator can set a comment flagging period by specifying exact Comment Flagging start and end dates. To not allow comment flagging, an Administrator would just leave the Comment Flagging date fields blank.

Announcements spell checker

The spell checker associated with the Announcements editor is now more robust. Misspelled words will contain a red underline.

Form Editor bindings option

The Form Editor now includes a “Delete all Bindings” option for form categories. This allows deletion of all bindings for a specific category at once.

Report Browser and course type

In the Report Browser, Course Type (Lecture, Lab, etc.) is now viewable as a separate and sortable column.

Upload success message

An update to the post-QC process messages will now let users know if their upload was successful or not when an upload warning message must be displayed.

Upload cross-listing message

A warning message now displays when an upload contains values in the cross-list field and does not include a corresponding cross-listed course in the same file.

Custom Report export

Users can now export the data visible on the Comparison Reports available within Rollup Reports to Excel.

Resolved Issues

Help Center mobile link

The mobile devices’ link to the What•Do•You•Think? Help Center appears as expected.

Courses in the Status Tracking reports

Courses no longer appear twice in the Status Tracking report.

Course IDs  

Course IDs, sometimes referred to as CRN, appear on an instructor’s My Courses page and default reports.