05/26/2022 - X25 Analytics

  • New ability to define Standard Schedules within Section Analytics, including those defined from the term and filter criteria chosen on the “Select” page
  • New ability to apply Standard Schedules to the Demand by Time report
    • Compare compliance with non-compliance
  • New Section Analytics filter criteria: College Code 

Additional Fixes & Improvements:

  • Settings tab moved to left-hand navigation
  • Backend errors no longer display when running the Optimize step of an Optimizer run
  • Bars on charts no longer disappear when using half-hour time values in the Default Data filters
  • When no data filters have been selected for a snapshot, the filter label now reads “Default Filter” rather than “No filter defined”  
  • Fixed meeting pattern sorting in Time Mappings that caused the incorrect meeting pattern to be added from snapshots
  • Filter criteria now displays in Section Analytics when it has been chosen in the Select tab  
  • Improvements made to search-based snapshot processing
  • Various small UI improvements

Demand by Time Report:

  • Fixed issue where Critical Range demand wasn't included for time increments under-an-hour long
  • Corrected issue where clicking could cause unexpected zooming

Traffic Map Report:

  • Report now correctly functions as a Story
  • No longer displays the “change addresses” button when presented as a story
  • Corrected the display and save issues when viewing and editing addresses in the form
  • When there is not enough data to run the Traffic Map report, the error message now offers the following troubleshooting recommendation: "No classes found. Check dates, location reservations, building data, and/or any filters."

Locations by Time Report:

  • Corrected issue where the location utilization time slots are not reflected correctly on the chart
  • Chartlets are now omitted if they have no data