03/23/2023 - Eval25

  • Eval25 documentation has been moved to the Series25 Customer Knowledge Base. In this process, many articles have been merged together and reorganized into task-focused folders, making browsing and locating content easier for customers
  • Surveys now have the option to transfer their ownership from one user to another with a new Task button  double forward arrow
  • A new column on the API Client Details shows the date and time users last visited Eval25
  • A new menu—Upload New Sessions—has been added to allow users to upload sessions using an Excel file
  • Users can now delete empty terms using the Delete Term button
  • A new question type—Select Many—has been added to allow users to select multiple responses to a question
  • Removed "Beta" from WebOptics reports header page
  • Replaced the missing image icon with an avatar silhouette for users that do not have a photo