Featured Events in 25Live Pro and 25Live Publisher

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These articles have been prepared for schools using 25Live Pro and 25Live Publisher.

Defining the Featured Event Custom Field in 25Live Publisher

Often you will have major events that you want to feature on your calendars.  The ability to feature events relies on creating a featured events custom field.  This custom field will serve two purposes:

  1. Giving you the ability to display featured events in published calendars that use List or Classic Tables view.
  2. Letting you define the number of featured levels you want to use.

By defining a featured events custom field, you have the ability to have one featured level or as many featured levels as you need.  Different feature levels allow you to feature different events with different settings in 25Live Publisher.

The featured levels correspond to layouts in 25Live Publisher.  Events you feature at one level will look different than events in another feature level.  This means that you may apply different stylistic settings when using multiple levels for featured events.

One Featured Events Custom Field per Account

You may only have one featured events custom field per account. This means that you can use only one set of featured event levels across all of your calendars within your Publisher account. You may still add as many new featured levels as needed for different calendars allowing for the use of different featured levels for different calendars.

Creating a Featured Events Custom Field

To create a Featured Events Custom Field in 25Live Publisher:

  1. Locate Other Tasks and click the link to Define custom fields.
    Other tasks window with arrow pointing to Define Custom Fields
  2. On the Define custom fields page, click on the Create a new field link.
    Define custom fields page with arrow pointing to create a new field
  3. The Create a new field page has a number fields you will need to complete including the Field Name, the Field Type, the Templates with which you want to use this new custom field, and an Owning Calendar. Begin by entering a value in the Field Name textbox.
    Field Name field on the Create a new custom field page
  4.  The Description field is optional as it will have no effective functionality but can serve as a reminder of what it does if you are reviewing the list of Custom Fields in 25Live Publisher.
    The field description is optional on the Create a new custom field page
  5. In the Field Type drop-down list, choose List of choices: Featured Levels.
    List of choices: feature levels option on the Create a new custom field page
  6. Choosing List of choices: Featured Levels opens up a new field editor of Possible choices.  Select the radio button for either Include all values or Include selected values.
    Include all values and include selected values on the Create a new custom field page
  7.  Click the link for Add New Value to begin building values for your Featured Events custom field.
    Add new value button
  8. In the Add New 'Featured Level' Value page, enter a value for the Featured Levels name and a description in the Featured Level Description text box.  The Description is optional but can serve as a guide for future Publisher designers at your campus.  Once you have completed adding your featured level value, click the OK button to return to the Create a New Custom Field page.
    Featured levels name and description

    Adding Multiple Featured Level Values

    It is possible to add a list of Featured Level Values all at once by selecting the Add Multiple Values option. This choice will open a text editor box below the link which requires a comma-separated list of values. Once you have added your multiple values, click the Save Values button.
    Add multiple values button and text box
    After saving the values in your comma-separated list, your new values will appear in your list of Possible choices and will be checked by default.

    New values in the Possible Choices list

  9. You will need to place a check in the checkbox of any of the Possible choices you want to make available as part of the Featured Level field in 25Live.
    Checked Possible Choices
  10.  Set the Select multiple values radio button for No if it is not already selected.  For your Featured Level field to work in 25Live, you will only be able to enter one featured level.
    No option is ticked in the Select Multiple values field
  11.  Leave the Display style setting to Drop Down.  The drop-down will only function on the 25Live Publisher side.  In 25Live, we will use a Text field to enter the value we wish to use for our featured event.
    Drop Down display style
  12.  Leave the Default value(s) setting Blank.
    Default value option
  13.  Also, leave the Value required radio button for No selected as we do not want all events to be featured in some fashion.
    No selected for the value required option
  14.  Next, you will need to select which Templates (Event Types) on which you want the Featured Level field to be included.  In all likelihood, you will want it to be available on all event templates so you would select the All link to add checkboxes to all of the event templates.  If on the other hand you want to limit this field to certain templates, click the checkbox beside each template.
    Templates field dropdown options
  15.  Select the Owning calendar for this field.  Your choice among your calendars will not matter here as we will build a custom attribute in 25Live that will supply a value for any events we want to feature.  The Templates will take care of making that field available to all of our various calendars.
    Owning calendar dropdown
  16.  Finally, make sure that the Visibility setting for Allow this field to be published is checked so that the field will be visible on the event templates then click the OK button.
    Allow this field to be published checkbox
  17.  The new Featured Events field is now available in the list of Fields.
    Featured events list of fields
  18. The Featured Events field will now appear in the Event Templates of all the event templates you checked in the Create a New Custom Field page.
    Featured events field in the Event Templates

Next, you will need to go create a new Custom Attribute named Featured Events in the 25Live Administration Utility.

Defining the Featured Event Custom Field in 25Live Pro

You will also need to define the Featured Event Custom Field in 25Live Pro and then attach the Featured Event custom attribute to each of your event types.  Since you may have multiple featured levels on your Featured Event custom attribute, you will likely want to create this field in 25Live Pro's System Settings

To create the Featured Event custom attribute in 25Live Pro:

  1. Navigate to System Settings → Master Definitions.
    master definitions tab in system settings
  2. Make sure that the Event Custom Attributes tab is active.
    Event custom attributes in system settings
  3. Select the Data Type of Text and click the Create New button.
    Create new button
  4. Locate your newly created custom attribute in the event custom attributes.
    Newly created attribute row and edit button
  5. Click the edit icon to open up the text editor and rename your field, Featured Event and click the Save button.
    Custom attribute named Featured Event and save button
  6. Locate the Discrete Options column for this event custom attribute and click the Show button.
    Show button under Discrete Options
  7. The Discrete Options dialog box will open.  Click the Add Option button to begin adding your featured levels  Make sure that your featured levels here match the featured levels you created in 25Live Publisher.
    Add option button on the Discrete Options dialog box
  8. Keep adding options until you have the same set of featured levels in 25Live Pro that you earlier created in 25Live Publisher.  If you want to alphabetize your list, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reposition the discrete options.  When you have built all of your featured levels, click the Save button.
    Discrete options dialog window
  9. Use the drag and drop functionality in System Settings to drag the new Featured Event custom attribute in line with your other calendar-related custom attributes and click the Save Sort button.
  10. You have now successfully built the Featured Event Field in both 25Live Publisher and 25Live Pro.

Attaching the Featured Event Custom Attribute to Event Types

Before you may use this event custom attribute with your events, you need to attach it to all your event types using the 25Live Administration Utility.  Since not every event may be featured (although you can design a calendar that does), you will want to make sure that this event custom attribute is attached to your event types and not part of any rules where there was a required question.

To attach the Featured Event custom attribute to an event type:

  1. Log in to 25Live Administration Utility.
  2. In the Events group, click the Event Type Hierarchy link to open the Event Type Hierarchy.
    Event type hierarchy in the events group
  3. The Manage Event Type Hierarchy dialog box will open.  Click the Browse (manage/add) link to open your hierarchy.
    Browse Manage/add option in Manage Event Type Hierarchy
  4. In the Browse Event Hierarchy window, locate and open your Event cabinet and folder structure.
    Browse event hierarchy
  5. Use CTRL+Click to select all of your active event types and click the Edit button.
    Event hierarchy list to be edited
  6. The Editing Selected Event Types window will open listing all the selected event types.
    Editing selected event types under manage event type hierarchy
  7. Locate Custom Attributes (Add) and click on its checkbox.
    Custom Attributes (add) checkbox
  8. Locate the Featured Event field and place a checkmark in its checkbox to add it to your event types.  Then click the Save Changes button.
    Featured event checkbox
  9. The success message will load after the Administration Utility iterates through all of the event types adding the custom attribute.
    Manage event type hierarchy success message
  10. If you need to do more work with event types, you may click the Manage More Types button.

You have now successfully built the Featured Event custom attribute in both 25Live Publisher and 25Live Pro.  You will need to add the Featured Event custom attribute on some of your events and set a featured level before your featured events will start showing up.