Creating Events with Express Scheduling

What is Express Scheduling?

Express Scheduling is an easy, direct way to schedule simple events at your institution. This quick form is best used with common spaces that are immediately available for scheduling without the need for additional approval, such as library study rooms, music practice rooms, and spaces students and basic users are allowed to reserve/request. A great option for hotelling-style scheduling. If you wish to schedule a single-day, single-occurrence event that doesn't require resources, Express Scheduling is the fastest way to create that event. 

In 25Live, the Express Scheduling widget appears on your home Dashboard in place of the "Create an Event" widget if you have locations configured to use the feature. 


To keep Express Scheduling quick and easy for users, some functionality differs from normal event creation. Please see the Important Notes About Express Scheduling section below for more info.

Setting up Locations for Express Scheduling

Each location you would like to allow use with Express Scheduling must be configured individually in the Location Details view of 25Live. To learn more, follow the directions under "How to Configure a Location for Express Scheduling" in Viewing Location Details.

Security Note

All users with permission to create events (Basic: 1.0 Create Events in Series25 Group Administration) can use Express Scheduling for a location, provided that:

  • The location has been configured to allow it. 
  • The user has "View" Object Security permissions and "Assign" Assignment Policy permissions setup in Group Administration.
Tip: Express Scheduling is a Great Option for "Hotelling"

Consider adding a diagram to your hotelling locations to specify where they are in relation to the other reservable spaces around them.

Scheduling an Event with Express Scheduling

1. Locate the Express Scheduling Widget on Your Dashboard

The Express Scheduling form is conveniently located on the home Dashboard of 25Live as a widget you can move via drag-and-drop functionality.

Express Scheduling widget on DashboardImage: Your Express Scheduling widget may be located elsewhere on your home Dashboard.

Express Scheduling on mobileImage: The Express Scheduling form is very user-friendly on mobile devices.

2. Complete the Express Scheduling Form

Express Scheduling Home Dashboard widgetImage: The Express Scheduling event form is quick and easy to complete.

  • Choose the Date: The date field defaults to the current date. Use the date picker if you would like to choose a different date.

    • Note About Multi-day Events: Express Scheduling can only be used for events that begin and end on the same day, so the end date will not be visible. Use the Event Form if you need to schedule a multi-day event.

    • Complete the Time: This duration of the event must be within the confines of the duration setup for the location, otherwise an error message will display. If you would like to create a longer event, use the Event Form or contact your 25Live Administrator.

    • Search spaces: Start typing a location name then choose a match from the resulting list. Unavailable locations do not display.

    • Complete Event Name: As with any event, the name of the event is required.

3. Save Your Event

If no error messages are displayed, use the Save button to save your event. 

If you have any error messages, review the Express Scheduling form fields. If after saving you are still having trouble, review the Troubleshooting section below or contact your 25Live Administrator.

Note: Use the Event Form to Complete More Details

Use the Open Form link at the bottom of the form to specify further details about your event. See Creating Events with the Event Form.

Tip: Best Practice is to Keep a Single Folder for Express Scheduling Events

We always recommend following Best Practices to reduce confusion with cabinets and folders, but, if you have more than one folder that the event can be saved into, a pop-up display will appear to allow the user to select which "heading" (or folder) they wish to save to.

Troubleshooting Express Scheduling

User Can't See Their Desired Location

The location may have an assignment window configured for it in the Series25 Group Administration tool that enforces a specific period of time before which you must request a location ahead.

If an assignment window isn't the issue, review the setup

  • Verify that the location is configured for Express Scheduling.
  • Verify that the user has Assign rights to the location. (Request rights will not be enough.)
  • Verify that the user has View rights (or higher) for the location.

User is Receiving an "Event Duration" Error

This error (“The selected location only allows events up to _ long. Your current event duration is _ minutes.”) requires users to choose a shorter total event time. 

If the duration seems incorrect, it can be adjusted in the Maximum Event Duration field in the Location Details.

Alternatively, users can also bypass the Express Scheduling maximum duration by creating the event in the standard Event Form.

User is Seeing a Location Conflict Error, but There is No Conflicting Reservation

Although it is rare, it is possible for two users to try and create events simultaneously, resulting in conflicts.

User Can't See The Edit Event Button in the Event Details for an Event Created With Express Scheduling

For events created with Express Scheduling, this is expected behavior. The recommended way to make a change is to simply cancel the existing event and recreate it.

User Does Not Have Rights to Perform an Action but Was Able to With Express Scheduling

Express Scheduling has different restrictions than the Event Form. Users are able to save events as Confirmed, Cancel events, and bypass Event Form date buffers, even if they don't usually have those rights. 

For more information about which configurations Express Scheduling ignores, please see the Important Notes About Express Scheduling section below.

If you are still having trouble, please contact

Important Notes About Express Scheduling

  • Express Scheduling cannot be used to create multi-day events or events that span midnight.
  • Express Scheduling cannot bypass object security or assignment policy.
  • Some Event Form configuration options for security groups are ignored for events created with the Express Scheduling form, including:
    • Event Type
    • Date Buffers set up in the Event Form Configurations
    • Event State limitations
      • New events will always save as Confirmed
      • Users who do not have Cancel rights will be able to cancel Express Scheduling events
    • Any required Custom Attributes
    • Location Default Scheduler (defaults to current user)
    • Event Owner (defaults to the system-defined owner in the configurations for the location)
    • If an event was created using Express Scheduling, the requesting user can cancel the event if it has not already occurred.