Binding Back-to-Back Course Sections in the 25Live Administration Utility (TCS Interface users only)

Legacy TCS Interface Users Only!

This article applies only to schools that are still using the legacy TCS Interface. Schools using the LYNX Interface should bind back-to-back sections using LYNX, not the 25Live Administration Utility. See Back-to-Back Binding in LYNX.

Before you run Schedule25 to place the classes included in your event search, you may find it helpful to create binding relationships among the classes where the same instructor is teaching in two consecutive time slots. By binding the classes you ensure that they are assigned to the same location, thus saving the instructor from a potentially lengthy walk across campus.

Things To Consider Before Binding

Consider these things before binding back-to-back sections:
  • If any of the sections have specific location preferences, there must be some overlap between the preferences for two sections to be bound in this way. If there is not, no binding relationship will be created between the two sections, even if they meet the criteria described below.
  • Bound back-to-back sections can be more difficult to place, because Schedule25 has to look for a larger time opening for them, so it's likely you'll see at least a few of these as Not Placed in your Schedule25 results.
  • When you use this method to create bindings between back-to-back sections, they will be removed if you re-import the class data from your SIS using the legacy TCS Interface, so it's best to bind immediately before running Schedule25 to ensure that the bindings are present.

    Note: The LYNX Interface preserves back-to-back bindings created in LYNX on re-import which is yet another reason we recommend transitioning from the legacy TCS Interface to LYNX.

To Bind Back-to-Back Sections Using the 25Live Administration Utility

Select the Events tab in the 25Live Administration Utility, then select Manage Events. Select all the events in the term, then click "Bind Back-to-back." After verifying the settings, as shown in the screenshot below, click Run Bind.

Use the Bind Contiguous Events page of the 25Live Administration Utility to create back-to-back bindings between sectionsImage: Use the Bind Contiguous Events page of the 25Live Administration Utility to create back-to-back bindings between sections.

By default, events are considered back-to-back if they satisfy these conditions:

  • They have the same individual in the Instructor contact role.
  • They are separated by no more than 10 minutes.
  • They have expected head counts that vary by no more than 50%.