Aggregated Non-Compliant Meeting Patterns Report

The Aggregated Non-Compliant Meeting Patterns report in X25's Section Analytics displays the number of non-compliant sections and non-compliance rate for the applied Standard Schedule. Values are aggregated by the criteria selected in the dropdown menus in the report's view. Sections without meeting patterns are excluded.

You can use this information to judge which departments are complying with institutional policies regarding scheduling time slots.

Image: Aggregated Meeting Patterns report.

The report table includes the following column options:

  • Institution Code:  If a term code has multiple institution codes, they are separated in this display.
  • Region Code
  • Campus Code
  • College Code
  • Department Code
  • Subject Code
  • Total Sections: (Note: sections without meeting patterns are not included.)
  • Non-Compliant Sections: The number of sections in the group whose meeting patterns don't match the selected Standard Schedule.
  • Non-Compliance Rate (%): The ratio of non-compliant sections in the group.