Adding and Editing Buildings in 25Live

25Live Pro allows you to define a list of buildings in the Master Definitions section of the System Settings area that you can then associate with individual locations.

How To Access Master Definitions

Security Note

To access Master Definitions System Settings views, your 25Live user must have security permissions set in Series25 Group Administration for each of the types that you wish to access, including:

  • Events: Admin: 6.0 Manage Event Master Lists
  • Event Requirement Notification Policy: Admin: 7.0 Set Event Notification Policy
  • Event Types: Admin: 5.2 Manage Event Type Hierarchy
  • Locations: Admin: 10.2 Manage Location Master Lists
  • Resources: Admin: 11.2 Manage Resource Master Lists
  • Organizations: Admin: 13.4 Manage Organization Master Lists
  • Organization Ratings: Admin: 13.6 Edit Organization Ratings
  • Organization Partition Preferences: Admin: 13.8 Edit Organization Location Preferences
  • Contacts: Admin: 12.1 Create and View all active and inactive Contact Master Lists

If you would like any of the described settings changed for your user, contact your 25Live administrator.

1. Go to the System Settings View

More menu in the top navigation barImage: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live as a user with appropriate permissions, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System settings is located under the More menuImage: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

2. Tap or Click the Master Definitions Link

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view, then view the Master Definitions section.

Location of Master Definitions sectionImage: Use the System Settings > Master Definitions link to access the section.

See Working With Master Definitions for details on general navigation within the Master Definitions section and actions available to all types.

How to Add a Single Building

1. Use the Create New Button

To add a new building, navigate to the Buildings section of the Master Definitions, then go to the Settings sub-tab.

Buildings > settings in the left-hand menu under Master DefinitionsImage: The Buildings Master Definitions section is located at in the left-hand panel below Images.

Any existing buildings will be displayed here. 

Tap the Create New button.

Create new building under master definitions > buildings > settingsImage: Click the Create New button to add a new building.

2. Fill Out the Form

     Enter the following building details into the form:

  • Building Name (Required)
  • Building Code
  • Building Latitude
  • Building Longitude
  • Address
  • Description
  • Image - Click Edit to add a building image

New building formImage: Enter Building details into the form.

3. Press Save

Add Buildings in Bulk

Bulk Creation allows you to add new buildings based on existing categories, custom attributes, or partitions.

1. Choose a Source Property

Navigate to the Bulk Create sub-tab under the Buildings section of the Master Definitions.

Image: The Bulk Create option is located under Master Definitions > Buildings.

Make a selection from the property dropdown menu. Each building created will have a matching name to each property you selected.

Image: Use the dropdown to select a property.

2. Decide if you Want Locations Added to the Building

Toggling to Yes will automatically assign all locations that have your chosen property to the new building. 

Toggling to No will result in no locations being added to your building.

3. Make Selections From the List

Finally, mark each category, custom attribute, or partition from the list and tap Create Buildings and add locations.

Image: In this example, the Baker Classroom Complex partition will be used to create a building with the same name, and all locations that have the Baker Classroom Complex partition criteria will now also have this new building in its location criteria.

4. Edit the New Building (Optional)

Once created, return to the Settings sub-tab to see the new building(s).

Image: The new building will display under Buildings > Settings.

Press Edit to update the building information.

Fill out the building fields and Save.

Image: New building form.